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EGLO IS A FAMILY ENTERPRISE WITH Tyrolean roots, but at home all over the world. The exciting blend of Austrian traditions and the various cultural influences from our distribution companies are the basis for our varied and creative product range. Over the last years the EGLO group has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of decorative interior lighting. Meanwhile, the company has become a major player on the world market: In current year more than 18 million luminaires were marketed in over 132 countries on all continents. With about 90 per cent of the product range having been developed by us, EGLO ensures the greatest possible independence when introducing new product solutions and we are extremely competitive due to the high quality levels of our manufacturing plants in Hungary, China and India.

EGLO WARRANTY TERMS For the purchases made through lightdoctor.com :

  1. Eglo India Pvt. Ltd. (EIPL) offers warranty to all its buyers depending on the product category.
  2. The NON LED fixture has a warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase by the buyer/customer.
  3. The LED fixtures have a warranty of 24 months from the date of purchase by the buyer/customer.
  4. Point 3 gets superseded if the warranty period is mentioned on the LED fixture packaging.
  5. There is no warranty on glass parts. However Spare glass parts are available on payment basis subject to availability.
  6. Replacement of drivers will take minimum of 20 days subject to availability.
  7. EIPL does not have on-site service facility.
  8. If EIPL decides to issue a credit note against defective product, in such cases the defective product has to be returned to EIPL warehouse or LD solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  9. There is no warranty on any type of retrofit lamps.

* EIPL reserves the right to amend this Warranty Policy from time to time.

WEBSITE: http://www.eglo.com



OPPLE Lighting is a leading lighting manufacturer based in Shanghai, China. Starting in 1996 as a CFL and ceiling fixture manufacturer, OPPLE has significantly expanded its product line to include a vast array of products and services—ranging from electrical appliances to large-scale commercial lighting solutions. This success has propelled us to be the largest home lighting company in the Chinese market with a network of over 30,000 sales outlets.


Warranty Policy


This policy ("Warranty Policy") applies to all sales by [Opple Lighting Co., Ltd and its subsidiaries] (“OPPLE”) of those lighting products which OPPLE manufactures (the "Products") to the original purchaser ("Purchaser").

OPPLE reserves the right to amend this Warranty Policy from time to time. The most recent version of the Warranty Policy shall apply and can be found at [www.opple.com].


OPPLE warrants that each Product will be free from defects in material and workmanship ("Limited Warranty") subject to the terms and conditions of this Warranty Policy, including its Appendices, and any other terms and conditions of sale which apply to the sale of such Products to the Purchaser, for such period as specified herein.


Any catalogue, specification or price form or other similar documentation prepared by OPPLE is provided strictly for the convenience of the user and shall not be deemed to constitute an offer to sell. While OPPLE believes such documentation is complete and accurate at the time it is printed, it does not warrant that such documentation is error free. OPPLE disclaims all responsibility for any damage (including, without limitation, the cost of any labour services) caused in connection with any error contained in such documentation including, without limitation, measurements, descriptions and application recommendations.

Products will be shipped in accordance with the standard styles and sizes as described in OPPLE’s catalogues as published from time to time or, in certain circumstances, Products will be made-to-order in accordance with OPPLE’s design and specifications. In the event of a conflict between a Purchaser's written order and an OPPLE design or specification form approved by the Purchaser, regardless of whether or not such approval is provided in writing, the OPPLE design or specification form shall prevail.


The Purchaser shall pay and bear all detention, storage, handling or other charges assessed by carriers or storage facility operators resulting from any failure by the Purchaser to accept delivery in a timely manner or any requirement by the Purchaser for the provision of non-standard services.

The Purchaser shall strictly comply with the conditions of storage specified by OPPLE to the Purchaser including, without limitation, those conditions contained in the Product specifications catalogue and on packaging materials.


The Purchaser shall examine the Products no later than seven (7) days from the date of arrival at their destination ("Arrival Date") and immediately notify OPPLE in writing if any erroneous shipment and/or shortage in quantity of the Products is identified. If the Purchaser does not notify OPPLE in writing within seven (7) days from the Arrival Date of such erroneous shipment and/or shortage, the Products shall be deemed to be accepted by the Purchaser and in full compliance with the order placed by the Purchaser. OPPLE shall within [thirty (30)] days after receipt of such written notification, investigate (such investigation may include, without limitation, OPPLE sending representatives to the location of the Purchaser to inspect such Products, in which circumstance the Purchaser shall provide all reasonable assistance to OPPLE in relation to such inspection) the relevant Products, and notify the Purchaser as to whether OPPLE agrees that such Products are erroneous or there is a shortage in their quantity (an "Erroneous Shipment").

In the event that OPPLE notifies the Purchaser of an Erroneous Shipment, OPPLE shall take such steps as it considers are reasonable in the circumstances (including, without limitation, arranging, with the assistance of the Purchaser, the return of the erroneously shipped Products, and shipment to the Purchaser of the full and correct original order of the Products) to rectify the Erroneous Shipment[ and shall assume related costs].[1]


During the term of the Limited Warranty (“Warranty Period“), OPPLE or its authorised dealers / distributors guarantee to repair, replace or refund, at OPPLE’s discretion, the Products subject to such Products being used strictly in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the applicable specifications of such Products. The applicable Warranty Period for each Product is set out in Appendix 1 to this Warranty Policy and shall be equally applicable to the Products sold by OPPLE regardless of whether they are sold directly to its authorised dealers / distributors or directly to customers ("End Customers"). OPPLE and its authorised dealers / distributors shall not be liable for any warranty claim made outside the Warranty Period.

The Warranty Period applicable to the Products sold by OPPLE to its authorised dealers / distributors or directly to the End Customers shall be deemed to commence on the date that is three (3) months from the date on which that Product is manufactured as specified on the labelling of the relevant Product.

In respect of any sale to the End Customer, if an End Customer discovers any defect or problem with, or they wish to submit any feedback on, the Products sold to it, it shall contact any of the following persons: (i) an OPPLE customer service representative, (ii) an OPPLE sales representatives, or (iii) a local authorised OPPLE dealer / distributor.


Each authorised OPPLE dealer / distributor shall be liable for any claim under this Limited Warranty made by an End Customer within the region in which they are authorised to sell the Products. Unless otherwise specified herein, the authorised dealers / distributors of OPPLE shall repair, replace, or refund the cost of, the Products only once they have received full details of a claim and they have been able to verify the substance of the claim. The authorised dealers / distributors acting upon the written instructions of OPPLE, shall, at their sole discretion, determine whether or not to repair, replace, or refund the cost of, the Products, or proceed with any reasonable combination thereof, and the End Customer shall be notified accordingly.

This Limited Warranty applies only to the Products themselves and does not cover any loss caused by the Products or costs associated with the repair, replacement, or refund of the cost of, the Products including, without limitation, the costs of freight, labor or any loss of business.


OPPLE disclaims all liabilities for any claim by a dealer / distributor or End Customer under this Warranty Policy where any damage is caused (whether to the Product or otherwise) by:

the improper use, maintenance or safekeeping by the Purchaser or an End Customer (including, for example, failure to install or use the Products in accordance with the Product specifications or as set out on the OPPLE website including without limitation, connecting wires incorrectly, using the Products with voltage over 250V or a non-rated load, or using the Products in other inappropriate circumstances such as in abnormally high temperatures, wet conditions, or in a corrosive environment);

a force majeure event including, without limitation, a strike, lockout, fire, riot, war, act of God, inability to obtain materials, components or supplies, failure or breakdown of manufacturing machinery, production scheduling delays, government regulations or other conditions;

any rust, mildew, defect or damage due to poor storage conditions or improper management;

using non-original OPPLE auxiliary products, for example, using OPPLE light source products with other brands of electronic components;

disassembling or modifying the Product without authorization;

failing to maintain the original purchasing vouchers or valid invoices; or

the Product model in the Product certification or specification being altered such that it is no longer inconsistent with that of the Product under repair.

Standard charges will apply to the provision of any services provided by OPPLE or its dealers / distributors for any repair or maintenance required should any of the above circumstances apply.


In the event it is necessary to return a Product to OPPLE, the Purchaser must follow the procedure outlined in this Warranty Policy. Where a Purchaser has bought their Products from an authorized distributor / dealer of OPPLE, the term "OPPLE" as used in this Article 10, shall be deemed to refer to such authorized distributor / dealer.

If a return is approved by OPPLE, an official RMA (Return Material Authorization) form will be prepared and emailed to the Purchaser.


Those Products returned without a RMA number will either be refused or returned to the Purchaser at the expense of the Purchaser. OPPLE is not liable for loss or damage to unauthorized returns of the Products. The party bearing the cost of the freight charges, including taxes, customs and duties, will be determined by OPPLE before the shipment is made.


The Purchaser shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless OPPLE and its officers, directors, agents, employees, affiliates, successors, and assigns from and against all losses, liabilities, costs and expenses arising out of or in connection with any claim by third parties for any loss, damage or injury or death caused or alleged to be caused by: (a) the negligent use, application, or installation of the Products by the Purchaser or its employees, partners and customers to whom the Purchaser sold the Products, contractors, agents or affiliates, (collectively, “Purchaser Parties”); or (b) the modification of the Products or integration of the Products into other products by any of the Purchaser Parties unless authorized in writing by OPPLE. The Purchaser shall not join, settle or otherwise attempt to affect or dispose of any such claim without OPPLE's prior written consent.


All content of this Warranty Policy is owned and copyrighted by OPPLE, and is protected by copyright law and any other applicable laws worldwide. All rights are reserved by OPPLE. Without the express prior written consent of OPPLE, no part of the content may be copied, reproduced, republished, publicly displayed, modified, translated, transmitted, distributed or used in any other form or by any other means. OPPLE reserves the right to take action against any unauthorized, improper or illegal use.


[The Purchaser shall comply in full with all industry safety standards applicable to the manufacture, distribution or sale of items incorporating the Products supplied by OPPLE, including but not limited to IEC 60598 /IEC62471/ IEC62493?EMF?/ IEC 61347, published by the International Electrotechnical Commission, and supplemental user and service information (if any) required by the standards, where applicable.] The Purchaser shall comply in full with all applicable safety-related laws, rules and regulations of any governmental body having jurisdiction to regulate the manufacture, distribution or sale of items incorporating the Products supplied by OPPLE. The Purchaser shall obligate all persons and entities buying such Products from the Purchaser (other than end users) to comply with such industry standards, laws, rules or regulations applicable to such person or entity. The Purchaser shall defend and hold OPPLE harmless against any expense, loss, costs or damages relating to any claimed failure by the Purchaser to comply with such industry standards, laws, rules or regulations or from any bodily injury, illness or property damage resulting from products manufactured by the Purchaser which incorporate the Products supplied by OPPLE.


If any of OPPLE’s Purchaser, authorised dealer/distributor or End Customer intends to purchase an Extended Warranty Period for Products, the parties involved shall be discussed in addition based on mutual agreement.


The existence, validity, interpretation and implementation of this Warranty Policy shall be governed by the applicable laws of the People's Republic of China (excluding, solely for the purposes of this Warranty Policy, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).


Any dispute, controversy or claim arising in any way out of or in connection with this Warranty Policy, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof (whether contractual, pre-contractual or non-contractual) (a "Dispute") shall be settled through friendly consultation between duly authorized representatives of each party ("Consultation Process") commencing within ten (10) calendar days of either party notifying the other of the existence of a Dispute. In the event that the representatives of the parties have not settled the Dispute within thirty (30) calendar days upon either party notifying the other in writing of the Dispute, the Dispute shall be submitted to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission ("CIETAC") for arbitration which shall be conducted in accordance with the CIETAC Arbitration Rules in effect at the time this Warranty Policy was issued ("Rules"), which Rules are deemed to be incorporated by reference into this Article and as may be amended by the rest of this Article 15. The parties agree that no arbitral proceedings shall be commenced without the completion of the Consultation Process. The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties. The seat of the arbitration shall be Shanghai.

The arbitration tribunal shall consist of three (3) arbitrators. The claimant shall select one (1) arbitrator and the Respondent shall select one (1) arbitrator. The third arbitrator, who shall be the presiding arbitrator, shall be appointed by the two arbitrators so selected. If either the claimant or the respondent fails to select an arbitrator or the two arbitrators selected by the parties fail to agree on the choice of the third arbitrator, the Chairman of CIETAC shall have the right to appoint such an arbitrator. The third arbitrator shall not be a national of the country of either party. The parties agree that the arbitrators can be selected from outside CIETAC's panel(s) of arbitrators.

The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be English. Nothing in this Article 15 shall be construed as preventing any party from seeking conservatory or interim relief from any court of competent jurisdiction. Any award shall be final and binding upon the parties. The parties undertake to carry out each and every arbitral award without delay.


1. Electronic Products:

Electronic Transformer: 24 months

Electrical Cabinet (electronic, inductance): 24 months

Remote Controller: 24 months

3-Way Electronic Switch: 24 months

Inductive ballast: 24 months

Electronic Ballast: 24 months

2. Emergency Light Products:

Emergency Light: 24 months

3. LED Light Source Products:

LED Light Source (with driver): 24 months

LED Module, LED Driver: 24 months

4. Traditional Light Source Products:

Halogen Light Source: 6 months (aluminum cup, lamp cup, lamp beads)

CFL, ancillary light sources (T8 tube, plug tube, U-type tube, circular tube, 2D tube, metal halide light source) : 12 months

T5 and T8 lamp brackets (incl. light source and lamp body): 12 months

5. LED Professional Luminaires:

LED Luminaires (with driver): 24 months in general; for products whose life time is over 50,000 hours: 36 months.

6. Traditional Professional Luminaires (Commercial Lighting Luminaires):

Traditional Luminaires (without electronic components and light source): 24 months

The WP for the electronic components on the traditional luminaires shall be referred to clause 1 of this Appendix

The WP for the light source shall be referred to clause 4 of this Appendix.

7. LED Home Luminaires:

LED Home Luminaires (with driver): 24 months

8. Traditional Home Luminaires:

The WP for the electronic components on the traditional home luminaires shall be referred to clause 1 of this Appendix;

The WP for the light source shall be referred to clause 4 of this Appendix.

The lampshade of traditional home luminaires is not covered by this Warranty Policy

9. Electro-technical Products

Electronics: 12 months

Non-electronics: 24 months

Multi-plug Socket: 36 months

Exhaust Fan: 24 months

WEBSITE: www.opple.com



TISVA, inspired by the concept of Tvisa (light) and Tattva (essence) was launched in April 2014. True to its name, Tisva goes beyond ordinary lighting concepts and brings forth a collection of aesthetic luminaires designed with love to illuminate contemporary homes. Tisva is an addition to the diversified portfolio of Usha International Limited.

TISVA’s collections are a peek into the future of lighting, allowing consumers to indulge their emotions and play with light. The philosophy of beauty behind every piece combines with cutting edge technology to showcase inspirational lighting; where hues and colours can be changed from pure white to warm yellow and brightness modulated according to moods.

The brand’s uniquely designed products include LED designer range, Chandeliers, Wall Lights, Mood lighting, Pendants and Utility products including CFLs, LED Lamps, T5 Battens and Downlights. Designed with little ones in mind, Tisva has an exciting range of playful lights catering specially to kids. Each piece meets the brand’s high quality standards and at the same time is environment friendly.

TISVA’s tag line ‘Feel the warmth. See the light’ applies not just to the brand’s product but also to the exclusive spaces where they will be showcased. Thus, the brand’s exclusive showrooms are a tribute to the Art of Illumination, with each store featuring customized experience zones. These zones will enable patrons to see, touch and feel the diverse range of world-class home designer lighting concepts. The distinctive ambience created by every style, colour and tone of light will let a customer choose the best lighting narrative for his or her own home.


All E -Commerce partners. Any additional term or condition with specific e-commerce partner

Shall be defined /mentioned in the agreement with the concerned partner.

3. Process:

3.1 Warranty Terms across product categories is as below:

1 CFLs 1 year from date of sale
2 LED Lamps 2 years from date of sale3 Retrofit Luminaires (Where external 1 year from date of sale light source is used-GLS/CFL/halogens/LED Lamp)
4 LED Luminaires (Where LED light 2 years from date of salesource is in-built)

3.2 The warranty shall be considered under 'accepted' category by UIL, in case product(s) foundto have manufacturing faults in terms of functional/ aesthetic aspects. Any product found to be tempered/altered/found functionally & aesthetically OK/ inoperative due to operation in other than specified conditions, shall be 'rejected' for warranty.

3.3 Light sources other than CFL and LED lamps shall not be covered under. Warranty, if supplied by UIL with the product.

3.4 The defective products received under warranty shall be informed by E-Commerce partner to UIL -Lighting QA. Based on same UIL QA representative shall visit to mutually agreedlocation, for inspection of defective product(s). The inspection location shall be 'one' either pick up/delivery point as agreed and at metros only.

3.5 The UIL QA representative shall inspect the products and make the claim for 'accepted'
products under warranty. Same shall be informed to E-Commerce partner. Representative &claim shall be signed by both representatives for further processing. The warranty accepted qty. shall be packed in a box to be arranged by E Commerce partner. Label with all productsdetails shall be attached to the box by UIL QA representative.

3.6 The E-Commerce partner need to send the product to mutually agreed UIL warehouse –onelocation (at metros only) for replacement along with the pink copy of .signed claim. The replacement shall be arranged by UIL and shall be delivered to mutually agreed one location at metros, preferably where inspection was carried out.

3.7 The replacement shall be done with same product, alternate product (where concerned product not in stock) or Credit Note (where alternate product is not required by E-Commerce partner).

3.8 The E-Commerce partner shall verify the product at the time of pick up from UIL warehouse or at the time of receipt of E-Commerce partner location, as applicable. Any breakages/damages found after product has been picked up or received by E Commercepartner shall be on account of E Commerce partner. The spares/product required torepair /replace in such cases shall be on chargeable basis, as per request of E Commerce partner.

3.9 If E-commerce partner founds any defect in product other than broken/damage, after theproduct is received from UIL, but before selling to customer, then E-Commerce representative shall inform to concerned UIL QA representative to attend the same at oneagreed location, as mentioned in earlier clauses, for inspection. The information can be giventhrough UIL Call Centre on dedicated toll free no. -1800 103 3222 or on e-mailcustomer care@lightsbytisva.com or even through phone call /e-mail to concerned UIL QArepresentative. If the product is found defective (manufacturing fault), then same shall bereplaced to E-Commerce partner as defined in clauses 3.5 &3.6.

WEBSITE: http://www.lightsbytisva.com/



Founded in 2005, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2008, ReneSola (NYSE:SOL) is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of green energy products. Leveraging its global presence with offices and warehouses in more than 16 countries and expansive production facilities and sales network, Renesola is well positioned to provide the highest quality green energy products and on-time services for EPC, installers and green energy projects around the world. Why do we do what we do? Why do we make the effort? Because it’s important. At ReneSola, we are focused on improving production efficiency. We are also continually developing new product lines to provide additional value to our portfolio of green energy offerings; we have expanded into energy storage solutions and energy efficient lighting, among other product categories. Our strong portfolio of world-class products gives us a competitive edge in global markets. Our timely service and just-in-time shipping help our customers improve productivity. Our customers and investors trust ReneSola to be a safe, long-term investment.


1. Two years warranty against any manufacturing defect on complete fixture.

2. Replacement will be given after receiving the material.

WEBSITE: http://in.renesola.com/



Dedicated to the pursuit of efficiency. A research and development major in the realm of LED lights, Corvi sees efficiency as a measure of creativity based on precision, determination and imagination. After all we consider technology to be a central extension of the human enterprise.

Our brand has its roots in an organization that has been developing high end technologies used for electronic studio flash lighting. This very precise need for light requires an intricate engineered technology. One has to blend two dimensions by understanding art and interpreting science in order to achieve results.


· 5 Year replacement warranty