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1. How does lighting design help? How does light impact our health?

'MORE IS MERRIER' no more!

When it comes to light, more is not always merrier. We often do not realise or give sufficient importance to the lighting around us but it has a tremendous effect on our mood, our health, our vision and our general well-being.

Oftentimes, we walk into a room and feel positivity in the room that lifts up our mood. And we often attribute it to “positive energy” or some such x-factor that we cannot explain. Next time you feel that way, observe the kind of lighting the rooms has. The right kind of lighting design ensures that you get sufficient lighting at all times to perform the tasks that you intend to, be it primary tasks like reading, writing, watching TV, performing tasks in the kitchen etc. or secondary lighting such as mood and accent lighting that are meant for social gatherings and celebrations.

Insufficient light means we strain to see and overwhelming light can blind our vision. Both adversely affect our vision and if this kind of faulty lighting design persists over a long period of time, it can do irreparable damage to our health. And this is why our safe haven, our home, of all places needs the right kind of light and the right amount of light. Wouldn’t you rather feel happy and positive in your house than lethargic and tired?

2. How are LED lights better than others?

LED is the most efficient commercially available technology in lighting at the moment. LED lights score over other forms of lighting solutions on most (if not all) parameters. They are more energy efficient, have a longer life, are safe, have a compact size, more flexibility of applications, do not heat up and have an immediate switch on/off.

More energy efficient. They consume less power and generate more light than their counterparts. Not only are LED lights more efficient and give more light output, they also have a tremendously longer life – 8 to 10 times more – than incandescent bulbs and CFLs.

More Safe. They do not contain any hazardous materials like mercury in CFLs. They also do not heat up while in use so you will not end up burning yourself during installation or maintenance. They can be exposed to rain and snow without causing them any harm.

Fast Switching. LED lights, unlike CFLs, start at their full brightness when switched on. CFLs take time to reach their full intensity. They are also compact in size, making them ideal for several applications for indoor and outdoor use.

3. What are the benefits of ordering from Light Doctor? Does Light Doctor also offer installation services? What after sales service does Light Doctor offer? What if I need replacements after some time?

There are seven key benefits of ordering from Light Doctor:

a. Designed by Experts: All the lighting packages on offer on www.lightdoctor.com are designed by our expert panel comprising of leading interior designers, lighting integrators and engineers. Further, these packages are designed considering the existing electrical points provided in your specific apartment by your builder/developer.

b. Cost saving: Since the packages are matched to your specific apartment and the number of electrical points available, it saves you additional cost on creating a false ceiling to relocate any electrical point

c. Genuine Products: All the products are genuine and sold at their best price.

d. Installation Services: We provide installation option through Light Doctor as well. Our engineers are specialists with several years of solid experience.

e. Upgrades available: You can upgrade products purchased on Light Doctor. We not only assure quality lighting solutions but also lifelong upgrades to more efficient products as technology improves over time.

f. Buyback available: We will buy back our products when a customer wishes to upgrade to newer technology through Light Doctor.

g. Environment conscious: Light Doctor, as an organization, recognizes its responsibility towards our environment. Therefore, we take the responsibility of safe disposal / recycling / refurbishment of all products we sell at www.lightdoctor.com

4. Who are the experts on LD's panel?

The LD panel of experts comprises of seasoned industry veterans including interior designers, lighting integrators, and engineers. We refer to them as the “dream team” of lighting solutions. You benefit from their wealth of knowledge and specialized industry expertise, not to forget years of hands-on experience.

5. What if my developer is not in LD enabled list?

If your developer is not LD enabled, please send us your contact details and the contact details of your builder/developer. We will get in touch with them and offer our services to make your project LD enabled. You can send the electrical drawings and photographs of your home to us by email. Our expert team will guide you and help you choosing the most suitable product for your home from our eShop. Please write to us on contact@lightdoctor.com

6. I have an old apartment. Can I get lighting designed for it by LD experts? Is your service also available offline?

Yes, the LD panel of experts will help in the best possible way they can. Do write in to us, specifying your requirements and your budget. You can connect with us via email on contact@lightdoctor.com and send us your information as per the format given below:



Contact no:

Apartment Type / Number of bedrooms:

Suitable Budget:

Any additional comments / information:

7. How do I order lighting package on Light Doctor?

It is a very simple 3-step process, mentioned on the LD LAMP given to you by your builder/developer:

Step 1. Enter the mobile number or email id you have provided to your builder/developer and the unique access code on www.lightdoctor.com

Step 2. Select one of the 3 pre-configured lighting packages designed by our experts for your specific apartment. Explore and customize the package – as per your requirements and budget.

Step 3. Place the order. You can pay by Credit card, Debit Card.

8. Can I customize any package?

Yes. After you select the best suited pre-configured package, you can customize it to suit your tastes, needs and your budget.

9. What if there is any breakage in the package when I receive it?

LD assures you of its best services and handling of your products once purchased. However, in case of any breakage in transit or at the time of receipt, please call our customer care number @ +91 9821793456 or write to us on contact@lightdoctor.com to report the issue. Please do this within 3 days from date of receipt of the courier. Any claims after 3 days of receipt of products would not be entertained. Light Doctor, LD solutions Pvt. Ltd. does not take any responsibility for breakage or mishandling of products while installation unless by the LD installation engineers.

10. Do the products come with any warranty or guarantee?

All products purchased on Light Doctor are assured genuine products. The warranty / guarantee provided by product manufacturers will be applicable on all the products.

11. What if I want to cancel an order once it is placed?

The order can be cancelled only within 24 hours of order placement by either calling our customer care number +91 9821793456 or via email on contact@lightdoctor.com

12. I ordered a standard package. But now I want to add decorative lights also. How do I order them?

You can place order from our eShop. Please get in touch with us on contact@lightdoctor.com or +91 9821793456 to avail the installation service specially offered to LD enabled Projects.

Send us your contact details as per the following format:


Customer ID:

Contact no:

Details of your requirement:

Any additional comments / information: